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Established in 2007, this successful two-year course, based on the International Diabetes Federation’s curriculum, provides a comprehensive programme of diabetes education for health care professionals.

Throughout the Diploma, students are supported by an international expert faculty who establish a stimulating environment for research, teaching and learning about diabetes. This course is aimed at developing competence and confidence in the diagnosis, treatment, and decision-making in the care of persons with diabetes.

The next intake is January 2014 and costs £2800 per year.

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Following on from the successful Diploma in Diabetes, Cardiff University’s School of Medicine has created the new MSc Diabetes. This one year distance learning course is exclusively available to graduates of the Diploma in Diabetes and is carefully designed to assist your career as experts, leaders and innovators in the field of diabetes.

Limited places are now available for January 2014 and costs £3500, subject to confirmation.

The latest additions to the Postgraduate Diabetes Education collection are the exciting new individual modules; Insulin Pump Therapy and Pregnancy & Diabetes. Each module is worth 20 credits and provides a thorough coverage of these important issues. These programmes have an additional 2 week induction period prior to the start of the course, during which time the students can access the introductory on-line lectures and can familiarise themselves with the use of Cardiff University library.

These courses are due to start January 2014 and cost £1000 each.

Cardiff University’s Postgraduate Diabetes Education Team are proud to present an opportunity for clinical attachments. This popular new development will be open to second year students of the Diploma and will involve a minimum of one month attached to a hospital in Wales, UK. This will offer students the valuable chance to have a practical element to complement their theoretical Diploma.

We are able to provide a range of bespoke courses, individually tailored to your business needs. With over 200 delegates successfully completing our workshops, our history of short courses is one to be proud of. We’ve collaborated with major pharmaceutical companies to provide an excellent variety of programmes for delegates from guidelines writing to clinical short courses.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why Choose Us

  • First year intake was 2007. Since then over 1,000 students have enrolled with pass rate of approximately 70%
  • Excellent feedback from students and key diabetes opinion leaders
  • Currently over 250 students from the UK, Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia and Asia
  • Recommended by several Diabetes Societies and Health Authorities
“I think the online learning was suitable because of the flexibility really that it gives you. You know, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, at any time of day, and also with laptops and iPads, I find that it fit in quite well with the working week. Or if you’re going away for the weekend you can log on quite easily wherever you are really.”
Dr Jane Roberts, Read more >
“You change not just in terms of diabetes, but as a doctor, is massive, for me it has been life- changing. I think I’ve become a better doctor, from just the last year… and the confidence to treat patients is massive. It just changes everything in terms of how you see your patients to how you feel about them.”
Dr Neville Wellington, Read more >
“Doing this diploma has really changed the way I practice; I have a lot more confidence to question therapy decisions and stand my ground with my opinions. I have also learnt how to research issues I am still not familiar with and critically look at the possible answers I find in various studies and protocols. I found interacting with so many other participants absolutely invigorating as we all work in such diverse economic climates and patients settings. I have made friends for a life time with some of my group participants and will always value to support and privileges they have afforded me!”
Mrs Fiona Prins, Read more >

News and Events

  • Sample Post 1

Sample Post 1

  • October 23rd, 2013
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  • Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

  • October 23rd, 2013
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  • New Course Development

New Course Development

From 2013 we are offering the flexibility of studying modules on a stand alone basis, with the option of topping up to the full diploma if you so wish.
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